What you should eat when drunk

If you have been into heavy booze, you are still tipsy and feeling ‘high’ and want to slow down, you may have to take something for effect.  Here are some foods you can take to strike the drink down without much fuss or hustle; talk of wheat crackers, popcorn and pancakes, to mention but a few, they do work wonders.

Whole Wheat Crackers: Crackers contain whole grains made up of complex carbs that help absorb alcohol, and B vitamins, an ingredient that gets depleted when you drink alcohol and is known to worsen hangovers, says Amy Jamieson-Petonic, a registered dietitian based in Cleveland, Ohio. While you may be inclined to smear those crackers with a little peanut butter, resist the urge if you can. Peanut butter is super high in fat, which is difficult to digest right before bed — especially if your smear turns into a spoonful and ends in an empty jar. Opt for hummus, instead; it’s just as dippable, but lower in fat.

Microwave Popcorn: Sometimes your drunk self really just requires something salty. When sweet or savory won’t do, popcorn will deliver without all the fat in chips or fries. Also, popcorn is full of fiber, and it’s relatively low in calories, so you can eat a lot of it without doing too much damage. While air-popped is ideal, Jamieson-Petonic says oil-free microwave popcorn is a close second.

Pancakes: If you’re the kind of person who drunk eats breakfast food, pancakes aren’t a bad option — just avoid high-fat butter and go easy on the syrup. If you feel like you need a little something-something to really pour on there, order a side of applesauce. Even the sweetened kind should have less sugar and fewer calories than an equal amount of syrup.

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Drinks are a great way of making the most of good times. And foods are essential as well, be it when needed or when you just need to take something to accompany your drink and top up the fun. However, there are some foods and drinks that should never be taken together. No matter how much you love any or both of these, just make sure you do not take them together, if you don’t want to spoil everything.

Lentils + red wine

Red wines contain compounds called tannins. When tannins intermingle with plant-based sources of iron, like those found in lentils and soybeans, it seriously hinders your body’s ability to absorb the mineral. This issue is particularly relevant to vegans and vegetarians, notes Rumsey: “Plant-based iron is already more difficult to absorb than meat-based iron,” she says. “Add tannins to the mix and it’s that much harder to get the iron you need.”

Burgers + beer

“Both are processed by the liver, and your body naturally prioritizes breaking down the alcohol first, since it recognizes alcohol as a toxin,” says Rumsey. This leaves fat floating in your blood stream, where it can then be stored in fat tissue. Moreover, you’ll feel especially gross afterward. “Fat causes food to digest more slowly, which is why a high-fat meal can leave you feeling stuffed and bloated long after you eat it,” says Rumsey.

Alcohol + caffeine

You know the drill: You’re drinking wine at dinner, start to yawn after a few glasses, and perk yourself up with a post-meal cappuccino. Bad idea. Why? The energy boost you get from caffeine can mask intoxication, so you underestimate how drunk you are. The same goes for directly mixing caffeine + booze (think vodka and Red Bull or coffee and Kahlua). Research out of Wake Forest University School of Medicine found that people who combine caffeine and alcohol are at a greater risk of being in an accident than those who steer clear of the combo.

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‘Eat your fill before you get to drinking’. This is usually the advice many people will give you. It is okay, and it is indeed necessary to eat before you switch to taking some hard drink. But, there are some foods you should avoid as much as you can if you are headed for a serious drinking in the next few moments. Sushi, greens, spicy foods, and a number of others are not a wise choice in this case.


It may sound like the perfect, guilt-free way to start your evening, but sushi is not your friend before a night of boozing. Not only does raw fish not pair well with shots — or getting sick, should the night go that way — but the soy sauce you dunk your rolls in is packed with salt, which speeds up your dehydration levels endangering you to a nasty hangover complete with your fair share of painful headaches.


How many times has your diet, conscience, or partner suggested you reach for a salad instead of a juicy hamburger? This is one time when salads should be avoided. While the nutrients and fiber in those leafy greens are hard to pass up, eating a simple salad is almost as bad as going out drinking on a completely empty stomach. Vegetables move through your body quickly, so if you’re set on a salad throw on some protein like chicken, nuts, or tuna. Protein takes longer to digest and will slow down the rise of your blood alcohol level.

Spicy foods

Just like those extra spicy buffalo wings, Indian curries, or tomato-based sauces can aggravate your stomach on a normal day, when you drink the effect only increases. Alcohol loosens up the muscles that keep your food and digestive juices down where they should be. Consuming spicy, acidic foods in combination with alcohol can actually provoke acid reflux and heartburn.

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