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How To Increase The Safety Of A Slippery Hotel Swimming Pool Area

Going on a holiday with family and kids can be very nice however it can also be very stressful for some families. When staying in a hotel or house that has a swimming pool there is always the worry that children can hurt themselves. Whether that is a slip and fall or the fear of them drowning, there’s always that concern that something can happen around a swimming pool. Slips and falls are the most common injuries around swimming pools with families.

In a lot of cases, hotels can be held liable if a family is hurt and if children suffered from an injury caused around a swimming pool. So, keeping a swimming pool are slip-free is a vital and very important aspect of hotel safety. Following are some ways that you can improve the safety of your hotel swimming pool area,

Ensure adequate warnings – most hotel swimming pools do not have lifeguards all the time around the swimming pool therefore, it is very important that there is correct signage everywhere so that everyone can understand where there are potentially dangerous areas. If there is a no diving policy then that should be made very clear.

Ensure proper maintenance of diving board – if a hotel does have a diving board in its swimming pool area then it is very important that it undergoes regular maintenance. Diving board accidents can be very dangerous therefore it is very important that they are maintained often.

Reduce the number of slippery areas around the swimming pool – the most common injuries that occur in the swimming pool areas are slipping around the pool. Hotels need to make sure that there are no slippery areas around the swimming pools. Tests need to be done while the floor is wet. There should not be anything unnecessary around the pool that may cause people to slip and fall. If the swimming pool has a surface that is prone to becoming slippery then hotel owners need to have staff on standby with tools like microfiber mops ready to clean up any water off the floor. Go here to learn more regarding large microfiber mops for pool areas.

Employ professionals to mix pool chemicals – make sure chemicals like chlorine are not mixed incorrectly and end up poisoning the water. Always use someone who knows what they are doing when it comes to mixing chlorine and water. To ensure that no accidents happen due to chlorine poisoning make sure that the water is tested every morning after treatment.

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