How To Make Your Home Brewed Coffee Taste Better

Instead of opting to pay a couple of dollars in a café simply because it tastes better, you can actually just do it yourself at home.

Only Fresh Coffee is Good Coffee
The best cup of coffee is only from freshly roasted coffee beans. Buying a pack of roasted coffee from the supermarket is like buying a loaf of stale bread that’s been on the racks for months. That’s equivalent to moldy musty bread. If you want a cup of great brewed coffee then always opt for the freshest roast you can get. A fresh roast of coffee still has those nice essential oils on the coffee beans. Newly roasted coffee has a lifespan of only one week. After that, it’s stale coffee from there on.

Grind your Coffee Beans at Home
Always remember that there is one way of making the most of your cup of coffee, always use freshly ground coffee before brewing. If possible, grind your coffee a few seconds right before you brew your coffee. Essential oils easily evaporate once you grind your coffee, you don’t want any of those nice aromatic flavors to escape.

Brewing Time
Four minutes! Always remember that brewing time is best for four minutes. Although some would suggest that your brew your coffee longer to extract the best taste, 4 minutes is actually all that you need. The longer you let your coffee brew, the more caffeine you are extracting from your coffee beans and it’s the caffeine that makes your coffee taste bitter.

Water Quality
I don’t really recommend tap water since it passes through a cleaning system that includes chlorine. I suggest you buy clean bottled mineral or spring water. If you use tap water, make sure you filter it first. You will notice that a thin fi of crust forms on your coffee if you use tap water, those are nutrients and chemicals mixing together that you don’t want to be in your system.

Water Temperature
The best temperature to brew your coffee is at 194-197 degrees Fahrenheit. At maximum, water boils at a constant temperature of 212 degrees Fahrenheit. Once the water reaches its rolling boil, let it coll until it reaches the desired temperature and brew.

Making the Best Home Cold Brew
Mix water and you freshly ground beans in a glass pitcher or jar or your French Press for at least at 12 hours. This would have the lifespan of about 2-3 days refrigerated, so if you’d like to have a cold brew ready for your friends at home, then you can definitely prepare a day or a couple of days ahead.

Drink that Joe While It’s fresh

There is an entire science about how long is coffee good for, and you should read this article about it, if you are serious about your coffee. In less words, drink that cup of coffee as soon as it coold down a bit, so you don’t burn your taste buds. The more you let it sit, the more it looses its oomph.

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